Road to (Self) Publication

The Beginning.  So, I’ve been writing for years…ever since college.  I started with FanFiction…writing about characters created by TV writers, who in my oh so humble opinion did not get a fair shake on screen.  This evolved to the point where I was changing the character’s personalities and creating all new storylines.  After a while, I was like, enough of this plagiarism…I’m writing my own book!  (I was cocky back then…lol)

So I wrote this comic mystery novel with my chest all puffed out like I was the next Janet Evanovich.  Eh…not so.  Anyhoo, Book done.  Ready to edit…And that’s when it hit the fan.  This is when I learned about point-of-view, information dumping, passion voice, adverb overload.  It was awful…pure swill.  I didn’t even bother to finish the editing.  Chucked it and started on another book.  Much better…still, POV and info dumping issues, plus massive writer’s block toward the end.  I put it down…Started Book 3  (Obviously I have commitment issues).

So I finished the book, all except the last chapter….again…massive writer’s block.  Its not that I didn’t know how I wanted it to end (I work from an outline)…I just couldn’t get the words out.  Finally, I finished it.  Editing went much smoother this time.  Very minor POV issues, some plot points needed sharpening.  Then…nothing.  I just sat around for a coupla years staring at the completed book.  Dreading exposing myself to rejection and criticism.  Lucky for me…that’s right about the time that eBooks hit their stride.


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