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So, I love to read ( as well as write) and I just wanna share some of my favorite books with everyone.  Admittedly, romance is my absolute favorite genre, however, I do read other types of books as well.  I will post one of my favs below, and I will try to vary it so that there’s something for everyone.  Hence, this will likely be a recurring post.  We’d be here to the next millenium if I tried to post *all* my favorite books.  lol  Here’s a few of my favorite classics…

Rebecca A Classic Gothic novel….loved it!  (The movie adaptation By Alfred Hitchcock was pretty good too…But of course, they “Hollywood-ed” the ending. *eye roll*)  But for some reason that is unknown to me, it tends to get the shaft, in favor of Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Great Expectations.  But I’ve read (or tried to read them all) and I still prefer Rebecca.

Jane Erye I liked it alot, great book.  (Well, it had that great and tragic love story so of course I was glued to it until the last page.)  I adore a good tortured love story.

Great Expectations was required for class…so of course I was dreading it, but ironically, I found the plot grotesquely fascinating (one scene in particular.)  The wedding cake…OMG?!  She kept it all those years!  As a teenager, high on drama, I just found this totally, wicked, crazy.  See, the beauty of it was…I didn’t realize the lady was actually crazy until this scene so, for me, it was a big reveal.

Wuthering Heights (not a fan) I tried to read it years ago when my grandmother took sick and I was helping moms at the hospital.  I had a lot of time on my hands, and I thought I’d read…unfortunately picked up a copy of Wuthering Heights…and put it down several days later in frustration.  The writing style was so obtuse until I had no clue what was going on.  It was like reading “Old English”.  (No thanks)  Anyhoo…

Rebecca falls in the same genre as these previously mentioned reads.  Gothic Fiction….There’s an eerie mansion estate, a virginal maiden, an older tortured anti-hero, a ghost (or shadow of the dead wife), an attempted ‘Gaslighting” ahhh…Bliss.  The lush descriptions of the scenery and the atmosphere of the house are very haunting.  Reading the book, it was like I was walking through Ms. Du Maurier’s imagination glancing around at what she saw.  Very effective.  I highly recommend it.  Books like Rebecca taught me to love the flawed anti-hero types over the traditional Prince Charming, Alpha Male….and also greatly influenced my own writing.

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