Helpful Writer’s Guide That I Use

Just thought I’d mention this. I like to be helpful and pass on advice and tidbits that helped me. I firmly believe that if you be a blessing to someone, then someone will be a blessing to you. Plus, I get a warm & fuzzy feeling whenever I’m helpful. Anyhoo…

The first guide is called “The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Storytellers & Screenwriters” (pictured above).  This book really helped me when I first started writing original fiction (romance, of course).  I had no clue about the elements of a good story, pacing and keeping the plot moving at a good clip, etc.  Reading this book, I gained a rudimentary understanding of how to tell an interesting story, develop a plot, and keep it suspenseful. Warning:  There *are* a great many silly ideas expressed in here, that will have you rolling your eyes.  His premise is sound though… The author is, after all, a Hollywood screenwriter, so expect a bit of the ridiculous.

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