Helpful Editing Guide, a Gem!

The First Five Pages: A Writer’s Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile.  Great help when I stared the editing process.  The author speaks wicked wisdom about some of the most common problems I had with my writing.  Before I read it I knew something was wrong…this sentence didn’t sound right, that chapter didn’t mesh well.  Well, this book helped me to put a name to my problems and told me how to fix them!  Its principle aim is to help aspiring writers avoid amateurish mistakes that drastically lower their chances with the traditional publishing companies, but no worries, the knowledge is universal.  It applies to your writing even if you’re going the indie self-publishing route, like me.  Whether you’re working with a publishing company (or plan to) or you’re doing the self-Pub thing, you want your book/short story/novella or whatever to be written well and to appeal to the reader.  Because, its uncanny, some of the things he wrote in this book are the exact reasons I (as a reader) sometimes put a book down and never finish it.

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