My Latest Read: “Rock Hard” By Nalini Singh

OMG!  This book was sooo GOOD!  I wish this dude was real!  And to think I just discovered it by accident.  While I am a major fan of Nalini Singh…I’m not so much into straight contemporary romances…not unless there’s something else there…a mystery or something paranormal going on.  I just like a thick complicated plot to go along with my romance.  I think its an inevitable result of having read such a large volume of books.  I’ve pretty much seen it all so it takes more to get me interested. (I’m the same with movies, the bar is higher.)

Anyhoo, while I read and enjoy Ms. Singh’s Psy/Changeling series…and her Angel Series (though I’m a few book behind)…I shamefully admit that I’ve deliberately avoided the Rock-Kiss series thinking I just wouldn’t like it after reading her complex genre-bending paranormal stuff.  I was  on her website, trolling for a release date and excerpt for the next Psy/Changeling book when I hit the wrong link and ended up on an excerpt of Rock Hard….And I was hooked.  Sheesh, the chemistry between Charlotte and Gabriel was smoking and they were totally PG for half the book…*thud*.

Such a sweet, alpha male/vulnerable woman romance!  Plus, some spicy vanilla antics ta boot.  Seriously some of the dialogue between these two was hilarious…and smokin’ hot at the same time.  I’m lovin’ it.  I might have to read the rest of the series…geez!

And the villain…I totally want him tarred and feathered. The creep.  For once in my life I’m glad the descriptions of his evil deeds were not too graphic…cuz, I might have had to reach into the book and pound him stupid. (Disclaimer:  I’m not normally a violent person, but some characters just bring it out in me.)

Anyhoo, For those of you who dig romance…and certainly for contemporary romance fans…get thee to the nearer bookstore (or eBook retailer).  I highly recommend it.  And you don’t have to read the 1st book in the series to understand it.  I haven’t, and I was way into it.


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