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How to Play.  Below are 2 separate lists, the Major Players (7 major characters in the The Ambrosi Legacy series) and their Personas (the 7 personas each character represents).  The object of the game is to match each major character with their correct persona.  I will give away one for free as an example.  That leaves 6 to figure out.  The first person to do this and send me the list (via the contact us widget in the slide bar) will receive a free copy of the book, Dominic’s Nemesis.  You may submit multiple guesses, but please don’t sit down and do all 36 combinations and send me 36 submissions one by one until you get the right one.  That ruins the spirit of the game.  If I get more than say, 5 consecutive emails from the same addy, I will likely disqualify you.


The Major Players…



Michael ‘Cael’



Dominic  =  The Alpha




Their Personas…

The Sphinx

The Intellectual

The Healer

The Animal

The Introvert

The Alpha = Dominic

The Tender-heart



The Major Players w/ Their Personas

Ethan = The Healer

Greyson = The Intellectual    

Michael ‘Cael’ = The Introvert

Gabriel = The Tender-heart

Stephan = The Sphinx

Dominic  =  The Alpha

Gideon = The Animal



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