When Lucifer Met Calamity: Guess ‘The Rules’ Contest!

Promotional Contest:  Guess ‘The Rules’

Disclaimer:  This game requires no actual skill.  It is a game of chance, thus anyone with an interest in winning a $5 Amazon gift card can play…and possibly win.

How to Play:  The central heroine in my upcoming novel is…Calamity Jones.  She is lovable, laughable, and slightly loopy.  She lives in a world with her own unique rules…10 specific rules…which if you can guess just one, you will win a $5 gift card to Amazon.  I will give away one as an example just so everyone can get a sense of what sorts of “rules” would make Calamity’s world go ’round.  You may submit multiple guesses.  There is no limit, however, you may only win ONCE.  If you guess one rule correctly, I will send you a gift card and post the rule on the blog.  You can continue to guess if you like but you cannot win again.  Even if you guess another rule correctly I won’t post it because, I want to give everyone a chance to win.  There can be a maximum of 9 individual winners and a potential of 9 gift cards given away.

How to Submit a Guess:  Players can simply comment on this post to submit a guess or you can use the Contact Us widget in the slide bar menu (either way, I get an auto e-mail so don’t worry, I’ll get it.)

Game Over:  The game will end on April 18th (release date for the book) because the rules are listed in the book.

Addendum:  So, it has occurred to me that there are exactly nine weeks between now and the release date of my upcoming novel ‘When Lucifer Met Calamity’…and that the dynamics of the Guess the Rules Contest are a bit more challenging than the Meet the Players Contest…Thus, I feel the need to add a bit of an incentive to the game.  To level the playing field and to make things interesting…

I will post one new rule every week…this will give the players more of a clue as to what kinds of rules govern Calamity’s world…Of course, it will also make it more difficult in the sense that there will be fewer rules available to guess.  The next rule will be posted next week.  Good Luck!


Calamity Jones…’The Rules’

Rule #1:  Lie

Rule #2:  ???

Rule #3:  ???

Rule #4:  ???

Rule #5:  ???

Rule #6:  ???

Rule #7:  ???

Rule #8:  ???

Rule #9:  ???

Rule #10:  ???


Good Luck!

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