Preview of Wrap-Around Cover & New Descriptive Blurb

Ok guys…The proof copy of ‘When Lucifer Met Calamity’ has arrived!  That’s right, I’m doing the absolute last round of editing with the help of some willing slaves.  Also, bad news for me, good news for you….The original blurb was way too wordy for the paperback cover (a font size issue that just annoyed the living daylights out of me.)  So I re-wrote the synopsis to form a tighter summary and to include a teaser-esque quote…[intrigue abounds].  Yes, you heard it and saw it here first!  Since I was sharing the new blurb I figured I’d give everyone a thrill and post the wrap-around cover as well.  Enjoy the sights!  [Don’t forget to check back next week….ARC Giveaway starts Mar 1st!]

The Full Monty!
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