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A Gentlemans Surrender compressed(2)Title:  A Gentleman’s Surrender

Series:  Surrender #2

Genre:  Historical Romance

Release Date:  January 1, 2016

Blurb:  Call her a romantic—or a fool, Lady Monique Cathdon is determined to marry for love. After watching her parents tolerate an arranged betrothal, life seems too short to be wasted on keeping up appearances.

After all, what’s the point of having a heart if one refuses to follow it?

With a smile the devil himself might be proud of, James Stanton is not what her mother would call “a matrimonial prospect”. Still, there’s something about the young man that sends Lady Monique’s heart thumping around her chest, and silences her voice of reason.

Unfortunately for Lady Monique, the stakes are high, and young ladies of the ton make for very poor gamblers. Especially when James Stanton is on the hunt for revenge, and won’t let an innocent woman—or his own passionate desires—get in the way of righting past wrongs.



“A diamond that started out rough.”

My Impressions:  Pacing is medium to slow, however, the book is well-written.  Initially, both hero and heroine are quite insufferable (for different reasons).  Lady Monique is a bit snooty.  Mr. Stanton is bitter and manipulative.  I about DNFed the book (eh, admittedly, I’m a bit trigger-happy sometimes).  Still, it was interesting in a soap-ish kinda way.  The hero and heroine didn’t invoke much empathy, but I strangely wanted to know what would happen with the two of them.

The Love Story:  Thankfully, I decided to read on because the two characters developed quite nicely into a couple I could root for.  As they inched towards love…the tension mushroomed (like a balloon being inflated, more and more) Monique’s family situation became increasingly precarious as things progressed, and I found myself becoming anxious on her behalf.  I cringed at Stanton’s underhanded spying, schemes, and his use of innocent people to further his plans…and the obvious misery that it caused him.  All this had me on the edge of my seat…thinking, Yikes!  This is going to be really bad when it blows, but oh so entertaining to read. 

Minor Beefs:  Not much to complain about here.  Both the hero and heroine irked me at first glance.  But since this worked itself out, I won’t quibble.  Also, a few bits of prose/dialogue were unnecessarily repetitive, but not so much that it took away from the story.  Its just something I tend to notice because repetition is a pet peeve of mine.  Easily ignored if the book is engaging and this one is.

Extra Touch:  The author did a very realistic and surprisingly multi-layered depiction of the time period, which really helped me get into the story and to understand and eventually sympathize with the Duchess, Lady Monique, and their family’s situation.  This attention to detail makes the story richer. The social, economic and even mild political structure is laid out and this makes it easier to grasp just how delicate Lady Monique’s position is.  Kudos to the author.  I have a new-found respect for writers who make the extra effort to capture the time-period and the setting after having recently read (or tried to read) a historical romance that made absolutely no attempt to set a historical scene.

Random Thoughts:  Corkie, the dog, was hilarious…LOL!  Meanwhile, Lady Monique’s horse gets an honorable comic mention (tee hee hee).

Cliffhanger:  None really.  Everything was pretty much cleared up at the end.  However, I got the distinction impression that there would be another book, possibly telling Glennie’s story (Lady Monique’s brother).  I’d definitely read it if that is the case.

The Verdict:   Two Thumbs up!  A sweet historical romance with a little angst tossed in for good measure.

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P1 copy (3)About the Author:

From the moment she could put pen to paper, Mariel Grey knew she wanted to be a writer. Like all good adventures however, it didn’t happen overnight; it was after several decades of working in litigation that the desire to create dramatic worlds and characters became too great to ignore. Her first foray into historical romance, Surrender of Trust, explored the grime and glamour of regency horse racing, following the determined but impoverished Lucy Goodwin and upright Lord Chalifour. Her second novel, A Gentleman’s Surrender, released January 1, 2016 introduces the innocent Lady Monique and tortured Mr. Stanton, both struggling to find love in a world filled with deceit.

Though entirely at home in the ballrooms and street alleys of London past, Mariel Grey’s is currently working on  a contemporary story set in Florida, a landscape dear to the author’s heart. When she isn’t conjuring words on her computer screen, Grey can be found on the water fishing, snorkeling, and enjoying the incredible natural beauty of her home.

Mariel has a wonderful husband (the hero of her own romantic story) as well as a mischievous cat (who seems happy to play the role of villain). In addition to being a dutiful wife and animal wrangler, Mariel is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Ancient City Romance Authors chapter.

You can find and contact Mariel Grey here:

-Website:  www.marielgrey.com

-Facebook:  Facebook.com/marielgreyauthor

-Twitter: Twitter@mariel_grey

-Goodreads Author Page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7066593.Mariel_Grey/blog

-Novel on Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1RPDHd5


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3 thoughts on “RABT Blog Tour: “A Gentleman’s Surrender” By Mariel Grey (Monthly Gem)

  1. Thank you for hosting me on your blog today. I’m glad you enjoyed the book, and thank you for your comments about the historical aspect. I try really hard to give readers a feeling for the time period as well as a love story. This is actually the second book of the series, and I feel there will be a third, though at the moment I’m finishing a contemporary set in Central Florida.

    1. No problem, the book was good, so it was easy to review. I really like to write a complete review…what I liked, what annoyed me. As an author myself, I feel like its important because reviews provide validation for writers and helps us grow in skill and confidence. You’d be surprised at some of the supposed “reviews” that I see posted on some blogs. One or two lines of vague praise and generalized statements that could apply to any random book. I am often times not even convinced some of these reviewers have read the book. Just so you know…I have also posted my review on Goodreads (as D. Alyce Domain) and on Amazon (as Twinkletoes). I usually post on Amazon immediately, when everything is still fresh in my mind, so there may be a few minor differences, but its basically the same review. Good luck with your future writing…and I’d love to read the next book in this series. *no pressure* Just saying.

      1. Thanks much! I’ll definitely let you know about the third book. I agree with you about complete reviews. I don’t mind when people list things they didn’t like in my books in an honest and constructive manner. Complete reviews help people decide whether a book is something they might enjoy reading. It’s a simple fact that not everyone will like the same thing. Occasionally I read a review which mentions what, to the reader’s point of view, was a negative aspect, but to me, would be a positive attribute. I then end up reading the book because of the negative comment. Of course, the reverse happens just as often!

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