Monthly Gem: “A Nun Walks into a Bar” By Tracey Jane Jackson



Title:  A Nun Walks into a Bar

Series:  Eh, the jury is still out.

Genre:  Contemporary Romance (Comic)

Age category:  Adult

Release Date:  March 29, 2016

Descriptive Blurb:  After growing up in an abbey, orphan Sadie Ross becomes Sister Abigail Eunice. Her life and career are on track until a chance meeting with a handsome stranger in a place no nun should ever go.
Ryder Carsen’s sister is missing, and he doesn’t have time for distractions. But when a pretty nun walks into his bar, he can’t ignore his attraction to her, even though she’s not the “sister” he’s looking for. He’s relieved when she walks out of his life for what he believes is forever.

Sadie’s life takes a surprising detour when she finds her path crossed with Ryder’s once again. When they are brought back together, Ryder knows he’s found the only woman he’ll ever love, but time is running out for his sister.  Will Ryder save his sister from the men who took her?

When a source far too close to home threatens Sadie, will she trust Ryder enough to let him save her too?



“An odd little gem.”

My Impressions:  The storyline was an odd mixture of dark and light tone…it works, though.  Just never seen it done like this before.  Most books have either dark or light…or some shade in between.  Interesting.

The Love Story:  There relationship is achingly sweet…with a bit of sass, and lots of humor.  Atypical…yet enduring. I’m sprung.

Minor BeefsSeriously though, Ryder had his foot on the stalker line…and his toe wondered over a few times.  Not sure I’m comfortable with his level of “protectiveness”, particularly in a romantic lead… Now, if Sadie had actually been in danger of some kind…then it would be ok.

That being said…once Sadie was targeted, then yeah, bring on the guards!

Extra Touch:  Its nice to see an openly Christian character in a main-stream romance novel.  And the principles of Christianity are not watered down so as to make them only vaguely religious…and thus more politically correct.  As a Christian woman, I LOVE this.

Random Thought(s):  Bethany was freaking hilarious…and very convincingly cray.  Also, that comment regarding cats and women plotting to murder some unsuspecting man…The feminist in me was outraged, but the woman and cat owner in me was rolling on the floor laughing!  So true.

Warning:  This is not necessarily a negative thing…I just feel like it should be mentioned because its rather deep. The book is at heart a romantic comedy however, readers should know, there are some darker elements too.  The creep factor gave me the willies…but then, I’m a scary cat.  I avoid romantic suspense books for just this reason.  I like to sleep at night.

Cliffhanger:  None.  Everything it tied up in a neat little bow.  Eh, However, seems to me there’s an awful lot of characters on the canvas.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned into a series.  Just saying.

The Verdict:  Two thumbs up.  Some genuine hilarity ensues…and a bit of heartbreak too.  But its all good in the end.

Copyright © 2016 by D. Alyce Domain  All Rights Reserved.



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