My Latest Read: ‘Supervillainess (Part One)’ By Lizzy Ford



Title:  Supervillainess (Part One)

Genre:  Fantasy-esque/Urban Fantasy

Age category:  Adult

Release Date:  May 15, 2016

Descriptive Blurb:  Sand City, a town in the Pacific Northwest, where the rents are too high and the rain never stops. On the surface, it appears normal – except this city is run by General Savage, an alleged supervillain.

Fleeing Chicago and the disastrous mistakes of his past, Doctor Kimber Wellington accepts a job at the only hospital willing to hire him. Grateful for a second chance, he ignores the city’s strange obsession with supervillains.

That is, until the daughter of General Savage nearly dies in his arms. Kimber couldn’t be any more different than Reader, the self-professed supervillainess-in-training, who insists she has superpowers that just so happen not to work around him. She’s deranged, violent, abrasive – and has never known kindness from anyone else.

Unfortunately, helping her places Kimber in the crosshairs of Reader’s arch-nemesis. Drawn to the part of her that’s good yet horrified by her dark, violent world, Kimber finds himself at a crossroads: stay in Sand City at the potential cost of his own life, or abandon the city, the people and the compelling supervillainess who need him.


“An odd, yet interesting keepsake.”

My Impressions:  A bit weird…like a comic book premise, written as a book.

The Romance Angle:  The Hero-in-denial and the Villainess-apparent mostly dance around their attraction…sniffing at each other’s tails like canines.  The rest of the time they spend sniping at each ala middle-schoolers with a mutual crush.  They’re amusing and frustrating at the same time.  I’ve never seen two more reluctant would-be-lovers.  Will someone please hand-cuff these two together and lock the door on the way out?

World-Building:  Not a lot of detail in the world building, not like I’m used to from a fantasy-esque novel.  Sand city seems like a cartoon or a mimic of a large metropolitan city.  The entire book had a very graphic novel feel to it …like the things going on, the characters, the dialogue… were all apart of a surreal dream that I kept expecting to wake up from.  This is not a bad thing…I think this approach works well.  Its quite interesting…in a bizarre way, but interesting nonetheless.  I mean, I had to know how it would turn out.

Minor Beefs:  I admit this is a little persnickety, but for some reason it bothered me… Kimber’s described as being a foot taller than Reader who is 5 and a half feet tall…which would make him 6’6’’.  Its also mentioned that he’s built like a linebacker…Eh, so why is he borrowing clothes and *shoes* from co-worker Gary?  What are the odds that he could actually wear either?  Surely Gary isn’t 6’6’’ and built like a linebacker too?  Also, Kimber…when he wasn’t interacting with Reader, Igor, Thunder or others…was a bit of a downer.  I mean, can he please take a happy pill or something?

Random Thoughts:  Kimber’s thoughts were sometimes hilarious…other times depressing.  An odd dichotomy.  ‘Kimber’ is kind of a girly name, isn’t it?  At one point, I think somebody even called him ‘Kimme’.  I literally had to keep reminding myself that he was male.

Cliffhanger:  Yes, the book ends rather abruptly with no real resolution.  But thankfully, there is a sequel already on the scene…which I assume will pick up right where this one left off.

The Verdict:  Good Read!  I liked it.  Will definitely read the sequel.


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