Spoilers: Fun or Shun? [Why I started playing for the other team.]

Spoiler – When someone reveals a previously unknown detail/ending/plot point of a book, movie,  TV show, etc which the person on the receiving end would rather have learned on their own.

Growing up, I was completely anti-spoiler…both books, movies and TV.  I preferred to be in the dark so that I could have a genuine experience.  I used to be careful about what trailers I watched and the previews/excerpts I read.  Over the years…and after reading countless books and watching hundreds of movies, my preferences have slowly changed…from anti to pro.  I know, I know…what’s the fun in reading/watching if you already know the outcome.  Well, but, here’s the thing…

  1. The Sick & Twisted. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I’m stronger in my faith. And quite honestly, there are images in movies that I just don’t want to see…and goings-on in books that I don’t want to read about.  Because once I read it…or see it, it’s extremely difficult to get those thoughts/images out of my head.  So, I choose NOT to take the chance.  I want to be spoiled so that I can avoid any disturbing things.  In the quest to write a new story, a different story, a shocking story, a thought-provoking story…more and more perverted plots devices, raunchy comedy, offensive dialogue, and bizarre storylines are employed…and I refuse to be a victim of some author’s/ screenwriter’s sicko imagination.  I narrowly missed renting & watching a movie where the protagonist accidentally sleeps with his own daughter…The relief alone was enough to turn me pro-spoiler.
  1. The Instant Replay. I’ve read so much…seen so much, until I feel like the only thing worse than an offensive book/movie is a copycat one.  With each new idea, there comes a tidal wave of wannabes.  No matter how unique, interesting, or satisfying a new movie or book concept is…I don’t want to re-watch/re-read it ad nauseam.  And I certainly don’t want to wade through all the lesser imitators in my search of the next big movie or great read.  If it’s just going to be ‘The poor man’s <Blank>…I prefer to skip it.  Spoil me please.  Much rather spend 5 minutes reading the spoilers than 2 hours watching the rehash or a week reading a warmed-over knockoff.
  1. The Cheap Thrill.  I prefer not to waste my time with ridiculous things, done just for shock value, that really don’t relate back to the plot/storyline in any cohesive or rational way.  Have you ever read a book that left you thinking, “What was the point of that?” after closing the back cover?  Or seen a movie only to shake your head as you exit the theater, murmuring to your friend/date…“Oh come on!  Really?”  Not a good feeling.  Spoilers help avoid both scenarios.
  1. PayOff Not Included.  This is especially true for books in series or long anticipated sequels/ prequel movies.  I don’t want to wade through a movie that is 2+ hours only to get a …‘cop-out ending’ where the producers ran out of money or the cameraman ran out of film so they just decided to stop after the next random break in dialogue.  Or the always obnoxious…‘choose your own’ ending, where two scenarios are presented and the viewer is left swinging in the wind as to which one the protagonist chose. <Ugh> For books… Particularly books where there is a love triangle, possible character death, or some other pivotal climax…I want to know beforehand, because if the pivotal question is left unanswered or the central conflict is not resolved or resolved in an unsatisfying way, this is grounds for me to shun an author.  Example:  I once read a book…a fantasy romance where the heroine was murdered at the end…and the sequel picked up 2 weeks later with the grieving hero leaping into the sack with her best friend and falling in love with her.   TWO WEEKS! after he was in love with her best friend, whose corpse was probably still warm.  Really??  FYI, I put a ban on this author.  I have never read another book by her since this horrific incident.  Can you tell I’m still bitter?
  1. Premature Gratification.  Sometimes I just can’t wait to know who dies…or what the big reveal is…or who the hero/heroine chooses.   I must know now!

Every reader or movie-goer must make the spoiler choice for themselves.  I offer no advice, merely my point of view on the subject.  Spoilers help me keep my sanity.

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