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Low Cost e-Book Formatting & Cover Design

If you are an Indie author who is self-publishing your own books/e-books, odds are you don’t have a huge budget to spend on professional services such as custom cover designs and e-Book formatting.  At the same time, you also may not have the software or know-how to Do-it-yourself (I personally had formatting issues.  Read Bumps in the road if you want the lowdown).  If you, too, fall into this category let me recommend that you take a look at Mark’s List.

It’s a list of freelance professionals culled together by Smashwords (a online e-book distributor ).   The list is made of two kinda of services…e-Book formatting and cover design.  Mark’s List provides instructions about how to chose a cover designer/e-Book formatter along with some etiquette do’s & don’ts.  The list itself is made up of freelances in multiple languages (French, Italian, English, etc.) and also tells a little bit about their pricing, some specifics on their services and their website/contact info.  The prices are comparable low…at least from what I’ve seen advertised by professionals working for established companies in the industry.  While I cannot vouch for every freelancer on the list, I will say this, Mark’s List is how I found the e-Book format professional that prepared both of my books for their e-Book release.  She was very easy to contact.  Polite, and performed the service I paid for within the deadline I gave.  Totally satisfied.  Just thought I’d share.

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