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lit_logoLitLovers is a book-centric site that I discovered purely by accident.  Its main topic of conversation is Book Clubs…so it’s inherently geared more toward readers than writers, although I found the site helpful as both an avid reader and an Indie author.  For readers its great for instructions and information on how to start a book club.  There are also lots of book clubs featured on the site, so you can get some great ideas on how to spruce up your club.  Many of them have very unique ways in which they chose the books they read…plus the names of some the clubs are hysterical.  I highly recommend reading about the featured clubs).

LitLovers havs lists and suggestions of popular book club books.  Thus, if you’re already a part of a club and are glancing around for your next read, this is the site for you.  If your club is into serious literary critique as opposed to just a fun social gathering, they even offer reading guides and guidelines for how to discuss a book.  They even have a section dedicated to book reviews.  On the flip side, as an author, I used this site (in particular the section on reading guides and book discussion) to help me create a reading guide for my book Dominic’s Nemesis.  I incorporated some complex themes and heavy symbolism/metaphor into the storyline and so I thought it might be a good book for discussion.  To increase its appeal to the book club set, I created a reader’s discussion guide and included it in the back of the book.  This site was very helpful with composing the questions and even just deciding what sorts of questions were best suited to discussion.  There’s a wealth of tools and information on this site for writers and readers.  If you are either, I encourage you to hop over there when you have a few minutes to explore.  (There’s a fun list of suggested icebreaker games for getting your club meetings started.  Highly recommended.)

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