New Item: Review Request Submission Form

Ok, folks…just checking in with some news.  I have been getting a very high volume of review requests…which is cool, actually.  So I figured it was time to upgrade my submission process.  The guidelines are pretty much the same…but I have created a Request Form to make submission a little easier.  I’m hoping this will be more streamline than cut and pasting via the Contact Us Widget.

I just launched it today…so its in the testing phase.  Therefore, if you have used the Submission Form…and you don’t receive a response from me within 3 days, that probably means the form isn’t working properly.  Whether I agree to review your book or not, I always respond with a polite e-mail…so please drop me a line via the Contact Us widget in the SlideBar menu, if you don’t get a response to your request.

Submission Guidelines

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