The Top 10 Over-Used Trends in the Fiction World

#10 The Vampire Lover – Thanks, but no more fangs.  I’ve been bled dry.


#9 Lifemate/Soulmate/Mating Drive Concept – The days where pheromones rule the romance needs to stop.  Why bother to meet and date…when you can just wait until your genetically predetermined better half turns up to drug you with an inescapable biological attraction?  Resistance is futile.


#8  Female Heroines Named Isabelle…Isabella or some shortened version of either.  (Belle…Bella…Izzy).


#7  The Youth Obsession – How about some mature characters?


#6  Control Freak Heroes – I’m tired of the cold-hearted Billionaires.  Where have all the gentlemen gone?   The Romantic Highwayman?   The Boy Next Door?  The Shy Guy?


#5 First Person Narrative – One more rambling soliloquy and I might just go postal.


#4  Food-Themed Cozy Mysteries – Enough with the bakeries, restaurants, and Bed & Breakfasts.  Doesn’t anyone get murdered in an alley or a no-tell motel anymore?


#3 Dystopian Anything – My doctor has diagnosed me with dystopian fatigue.  Oy!


#2  Raunchy Sex – Perhaps for some this never goes out of style.  I don’t necessarily think it’s all bad…I mean, who doesn’t love a good bodice-ripper?  But sometimes a girl just wants to read a hearts & flowers romance.  I say, keep it behind closed doors every once in a while.



And the Number One Over-Used Trend in the Fiction World…


#1  Skin & Ink  –  Tattoos & torsos, that’s literally all you see on romance covers these days.  Do men not wear clothes anymore?  Subtlety has died a slow and painful death.  Leave something to the imagination already!

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