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This Is Writing is a book-centric site for both writers and readers.  The site is neat and well organized.  For writers, there is a wealth of goodies to take advantage of on this site.  The site provides free book marketing opportunities in the form of:

  • Author Interview Spotlights
  • Book Except Posts
  • Guest Posts
  • Book Reviews

And when I say book reviews, I don’t mean 2 or 3 vague statements which could apply to any random book in the same genre.  These are very well-written reviews:  3-4 paragraphs of detailed critique and opinion of the book.  I was quite satisfied with the Review that my book, Dominic’s Nemesis received.  I also availed myself of the Book Excerpt and Author Interview services…very nice.  In addition to the great book marketing opportunities for indie authors, there is also a detailed Writer’s Resource Page, complete with lots of links to online writing classes, book cover design services, tax advice for writers, self-publishing help and a lot more.  Some of the links are for paid services and other for free resources…definitely worth a look if you’re just getting started or looking to improve your craft.

This is Writing site is also a mecca for avid readers.  Readers can subscribe to the site and get a weekly email of eBook recommendations form new and Indie authors.  This is a free service.  But even if you’re not much of a joiner, there’s a great many book reviews and excerpts posted on there to browse through.  Avid readers can easily scout out their next good read.


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