Common Occurrences in My Writing/Books

Just a few writing habits that tend to sneak into all of my musings.  Its not necessarily deliberate…I only noticed it myself…after the fact.

Twins – have a habit of showing up in my books.  Most likely because twins run in my family (on my mother’s side.  No twins on Dad’s side).  Of course, all the twins in my family are fraternal.  I have twin uncles, two sets of twin cousins…and the very real possibility of becoming the parent of twins.

Boo helps mommy edit.

Furry friends – As a cat lover and owner, it’s a given that there will be a kitty or two in all of my writing.  (Likely, I will branch out to other four-legged friends as time goes on.)  My kitty’s name is Boo…he’s black of course.  He sometimes helps me edit…He’s also partly to blame for my messy writing desk.

Expectant Mothers – There’s usually always at least one pregnancy in all my writing.  I suspect this is because of my family background.  My family is huge…literally the size of a small country.  Just so you can have a point of reference, I’ve got (collectively between my moms and dad) 15 aunts and uncles.  Seriously, in my family…there is almost ALWAYS someone expecting.

Christian/Family Values – I am a believer and a very dedicated Christian, so this tends to leak into my writing.  No, I don’t preach at my readers or write Christian Fiction (at least not currently), but my faith is part of who I am and I don’t put constraints on it.  That being said, my characters don’t always do the right thing or act morally…I mean, seriously, people are just people right?  No one is perfect and it would be boring and unrealistic to write characters that way…People are not just defined by their good qualities…but by their weaknesses as well.  Don’t worry, sin and scandal abound in my writing.  I’m just saying that…I don’t ignore God or his values.  They get a mention in most things I write.  Hmm…I’m not very politically correct either, I’m afraid.

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