Content Editing

What to Expect

I don’t do line editing, where the project is checked for detailed grammatical errors (subject/verb agreement, passive voice, run-on sentences, etc).  I edit for more broad-based, big-picture issues.

-Internal Inconsistencies/Random Discrepancies (ex. character’s eye color changes during the course of the book)

-Structure of the Plot/Storyline/Plot Holes/Lapses in Logic

-POV Issues/Narration


-I don’t touch document format, grammar or typos.  However, I might mention it to the author, if there are some blaring errors that I notice and think should be addressed.

Projects I Accept

-English language only.  The writing project must be written in English.

-Fiction Only.  I do not edit non-fiction projects.

-I accept novellas, full length books/novels, and short-stories intended for anthologies.

-I accept electronic submissions in MS Word and PDF files only.

-Genres I don’t accept: LGBT, Erotica, Horror, Political-themed projects, children’s books.

My Pricing

I aim for fair prices and consistency, thus, I price according to word count.  The price list is below.  I only accept payment via Paypal.

up to 20K words = $150.00

21K to 40K words = $175.00

41K to 60K words = $200.00

61K to 80K words = $225.00

81K to 100 words = $250.00


Payment Options  (Paypal only)

#1 Option –  50% of the payment is due upfront,  [I don’t work for free.]  At the half-way mark, I will send you a copy of the project with a summary of my findings (so far).  At that time, the second half is due before I will continue.  If you do not wish me to continue (for whatever reason) that’s fine.  You can decline to continue the project and that will be the end of it.  This way, no one is left holding the bag.  If you choose to continue, when I’m done with the second half, I will send you the completed project with the summary of my findings.

#2 Option – Pre-pay 100% upfront, at the time that I accept your project.  I will proof the entire project and send you a summary of my findings.

How to Submit/Request

Using the inquiry form below, please send the following:

-Topic/type of project  (Ex…full length, contemporary romance.)

-Word Count (Don’t include anything but the actual writing, as this will drive up the price unnecessarily.)

-Deadline/Time frame (When is it due?  What date do you want it by?)

-Pre-publish or post-published?   (Is this before publication or is it already on sale?)

-Contact email (please specify the best e-mail to use)

-Any questions you might have about my proofreading services.

After I receive the initial request/submission, I will e-mail you for a chapter sample.  I will edit it so I can get a feel for the project and your writing style.  If I accept the job, you will get a polite email stating as much and a Paypal invoice shortly after.  If I decline, you will get a polite email, explaining why.  If your book/writing is an incoherent mess, I will likely decline.  I cannot work miracles and I will not take your money and pretend I can.

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What You Will Receive

-Marked-up Doc with my findings

-My list of suggested changes, and specific steps to fix the issues identified.

Proofreading Services