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My Top 10 Favorite Characters & Their Archetypes…

#10 – The Bad Boy:  Joe Morelli from The Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich.  I first met him in “One For the Money” and it was love at first sight.  Plus, him and Steph are beyond hilarious!

#9 – The Billionaire Playboy:  Gabriel Bishop from “Rock Hard” by Nalini Singh [The Rock Kiss Series] Forget Christian Grey.  Enter Gabriel Bishop.  He is the perfect blend of hot and sweet…and the way he is with his lady love…*sigh*

#8  – The Good Girl: (not to be confused with the obnoxious Goody-Too-Shoes): “Tris” From the “Divergent” Series by Veronica Roth.  Though by the end of the trilogy she is more a rebel, Tris is the embodiment of the good girl.  She has that girl-next-door-feel to her, but she doesn’t wander too far into ‘Perfect Princess’ territory (Thank Gawd!).

#7 – The Tortured Soul:  Zsadist from “Lover Awakened” by J.R. Ward [The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series] Oh Lordy…This dude had me up all night reading his book.  Finished it in less than 24hrs!! (I finally had to let this series go, when Ward wandered into a different genre with her books, but it was fun while it lasted!)

#6 – The Alpha Female:  Indigo Riviere from “Play of Passion” by Nalini Singh [The Psy-Changling Series] I wasn’t that fond of the Alpha Female archetype until I met Indigo.  She is a woman in control who still knows how to be a woman!

#5 – The Redeemed Villain:  Sebastian St. Vincent from “The Devil in Winter” by Lisa Kleypas [The Wallflowers Series] Sebastian is anything but a saint when he first appears in the series, but alas his wicked ways were mended by love.  <Thud>

#4 – The BFF/Go-To Girl:  Emma from “Emma” by Jane Austen.  Though she didn’t always make the best decisions for her friends, she had the best of intentions and was a good, loyal compadre to everyone in her sphere…Knightly, Harriet, & Mrs. Weston.

#3 – The Strong-Willed Woman:  Wilhelmina ‘Lily’ Lawson from “Then Came You” by Lisa Kleypas.  She is herself, without apology.  She has opinions and makes her own way in the world.  She is NOT sitting around waiting for a man to rescue her.  You Go Girll!

#2 – The Alpha Male:  Mikhail Dubrinsky from Dark Prince by Christine Feehan…A vampire King, back when vampire books were just hitting their stride. (I’m kind of over them now.  But Mikhail still rocks!)

#1 – The Anti-Hero:  Kaleb Krychek from “Heart of Obsidian” by Nalini Singh.  The ultimate anti-hero… He was raised by a serial killer…so yeah, he’s dark.

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