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“This book dealt with the very serious issue of sexual harassment at work in a very fun and light hearted way. Why take a chance with karma? Why not get even with your boss right? I found it to be an interesting read. Lots of action and great characters.”  –Melissa Ann’s review

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A romance/comedy/general shenanigans mix!, June 17, 2016
By Sam
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

I found this book really enjoyable though I’m not typically drawn to romance novels. I actually enjoyed it much more than I expected to. While it is very romance-heavy (and there are incessant comments on the leading man’s washboard abs), it’s not the main concern of the novel as Lucifer and Calamity are involved in a legal battle with a certain handsy boss. And just a heads up, her name is Calamity for a very, VERY, good reason. While Lucifer, as a lawyer, decides on a legal plan of action, Calamity prefers to follow her own rules to ensure she’ll come out on top. Which means things get messy very quickly.

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By J.F Jenkins on May 10, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

This book was surprising. The story I was expecting was not the story I got, and that’s a good thing. The writing is strong, the characters unique and fun, and the chemistry in the romance is real.
I definitely recommend this book to romance lovers of all kinds, and anyone who loves a good contemporary book too.I can’t dive into the story itself too much because I do have a spoiler free policy. What I can say is that it’s well paced and witty. It held my interest for a long time, and that’s hard to do these days since my brain has gone a bit to the ADHD side. It’s also a light read, making it a great way to relax at the end of the day.



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By Xtreme Delusions on April 20, 2016

“When Lucifer Met Calamity is a laugh a minute.  It’s also sexy as all get out.  The chemistry between these two is downright sizzling.  There were times I really felt for Lucifer and others I wanted to say “take the stick out”.  But throughout I couldn’t put it down.  So if you like a bit of laughter with your loving, When Lucifer Met Calamity is sure to hit your funny bone just right.”  –Xtreme Delusions (Blog)


By Insatiable Readers on April 22, 2016

“In the end, it was an enjoyable read perfect for adult audiences.  While plenty of story to keep you on your toes, there’s a lot of innuendo and a dash of spice just waiting to help you heat up your bookish night.” –Insatiable Readers (Blog)


By Awesome Book Assessments on April 26, 2016

“This book was good. I really liked the plot. The characters were frustrating at times, but the story was pretty good…It was unpredictable at times. It was pretty intriguing and a page-turner.  …All in all, it’s a pretty enjoyable read. It got very emotional too. It had a little bit of everything.” –Awesome Book Assessments (Blog)


By NaturalBri on April 27, 2016

“The overall story was fun. It had a humorous side, mixed with a little bit of cheeky, sexiness, plus the heat of hell. I liked the pace and how the story progressed. The pace really made the interactions between them fun, as it always kept me on my toes.” – Bri Wignall