*New Title* Gabriel’s Demons

The Twin Paradox…

A Madness Shared by Two.



*Title:  Gabriel’s Demons

*Subtitle:  The Twin Paradox…A Madness Shared by Two

Series:  The Ambrosi Legacy  (Book 2)

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Subgenre:  Dark Historical/ Gothic-esque

*Pub Date:  Spring/Summer 2017 (tentative)

Format:  eBook, paperback

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Disclaimer:  Seeing as I’m still in the single digits, chapter-wise…This excerpt could be cut from the book at any time, and for any reason without prior notice.  If that is the case I promise I will provide the masses with a make-up excerpt that will appear in the final book.  I do my own editing.  Due to overwriting, I tend to take the slash-n-burn approach to editing.  Thus, anything is likely to end up on the cutting room floor.  If I showed everyone a copy of the first draft of Dominic’s Nemesis…you’d be shocked.  Names change.  Whole chapters deleted.  Several minor plot lines and even a character or two didn’t “make the cut” so to speak.  Eh, you have been warned.


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